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A friendly companion for Japanese learners.
GPT welcome message: こんにちは!あなたの名前と第一言語は何ですか?
Sample prompts:
How do you say 'happy' in Japanese?
Can you write a sentence using '食べる'?
I think 'ありがとう' means thank you, right?
What's the hiragana for '日'?
Tell me about your favorite anime character!
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Nihongo Buddy is a GPT designed specifically for learners of the Japanese language. It acts as a friendly companion, fostering an encouraging environment for the practice and usage of Japanese language skills.

The unique trait of this GPT is its distinctive focus on subculture, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts interested in the specific realm of Japanese subculture.

The creator behind this GPT is Yoshifumi Murakami. In order to interact with Nihongo Buddy, users are required to have ChatGPT Plus. Nihongo Buddy greets users with a warm welcome, asking about their name and primary language.

It is programmed to provide assistance by helping learners make new sentences, interpreting phrases and words, and teaching various aspects of the Japanese language.

For instance, it offers prompt starters for learners like translating English words into Japanese, making sentences with specific words, understanding meanings of certain phrases, and even engaging them in casual conversations about their favorite anime characters.In short, Nihongo Buddy is an insightful tool that not just educates users about the Japanese language but also adds a fun element through discussions on subculture.

It is an innovative way to initiate dialogues and promotes constant engagement, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced Japanese language learners.


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