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ByJan-Philipp Nitschke
Python code debugger and optimizer.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm O.C.C., your go-to for Python optimization in the IT world!
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Debug this Python code for me:
Optimize this Python snippet for better performance:
How can I improve the efficiency of this code?
Find and fix bugs in this Python script:
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O.C.C. is a GPT that mainly functions as a Python code debugger and optimizer. It provides countless functionalities tailored to optimize and debug Python code within the IT sphere.

The primary goal of this tool is to enhance the efficiency, sustainability and reliability of Python programs in a simplified and easy-to-approach manner.

The tool is designed to facilitate debugging of Python code, assist in optimizing Python snippets for improved performance, and provide recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of various codes.

Furthermore, it has the ability to identify and fix bugs within a Python script, which can significantly increase productivity and improve the overall quality of coding projects.

It operates on top of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating its high level of compatibility with other AI tools. The O.C.C. GPT is designed to be a programmer's go-to tool for Python optimization, welcoming users with an introduction to its purpose and a ready set of prompt starters to initiate interactions.

This makes it a user-friendly tool, well-suited to both novice and expert users aiming to refine their Python code.


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