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Your guide to creating music with the OP-1.
GPT welcome message: Hello, let's make some music with your OP-1 Field!
Sample prompts:
How do I make an 808 bass sound?
Generate an image for a Reverb
Tips for mixing tracks on the OP-1?
Generate a super saw lead sound
How do I export OP-1 songs to my computer?
Generate an image of a cool new effect
Can you explain the synthesizer engines of the OP-1 Field?
What are some creative ways to use the OP-1 Field's sequencer?
How do I make it sound fat?
How do I sample the radio?
How do I make an elephant trumpet-like sound?
How do I record a loop on the OP-1 Field?
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OP-A is a GPT that caters to users looking to enhance their ability to create music using the OP-1 Field. This tool is designed to respond to a wide range of questions and prompts related to music production on the OP-1.

OP-A offers guidance and advice on varied topics, ranging from technical instructions like exporting songs to a computer or recording a loop, to providing creative suggestions on creating an 808 bass sound, mixing tracks, or using the sequencer of the OP-1 Field in innovative ways.

Additionally, OP-A also demonstrates the capability to generate images for music-related elements like effects or reverb, adding a visual aid component to the music creation process.

Understanding the functionality of the OP-1 Fields synthesizer engines or even tips on making the final sound 'fat' or full-bodied are also within the service range of this GPT.

Interestingly, this tool can also guide on more unique sound creations such as simulating an elephant trumpet-like sound. Access to OP-A requires ChatGPT Plus, inviting users to enter a dedicated music creation community.

Hence, OP-A functions as a comprehensive guide to enable users to fully utilize the capabilities of the OP-1 Field, fostering an environment for learning, creativity, and innovation in music production.


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OP-A was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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