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Reviews open data using uploaded knowledge.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm here to help you with open data!
Sample prompts:
What format should I use?
Explain open data standards.
Help me organize my dataset.
Review my open data.
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Open Data Assistant is a GPT designed to streamline the surveillance of open data by analyzing information that users have uploaded. Developed by Ryota Sakamoto, the assistant is set up to be utilized in conjunction with ChatGPT Plus to provide comprehensive care to users in need of managing and understanding open data.

The GPT is versatile and equipped to handle a variety of data queries and commands: help with requirements regarding the format of datasets, explain open data standards, support in organizing datasets, and offer an unbiased review of your open data, are some of the competencies of this tool.

The primary purpose of Open Data Assistant is to alleviate the complex task of open data management and interpretation by exploring the capabilities of AI to provide concise, correct, and immediate responses to various open data issues.


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