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A helpful co-editor for refining research papers
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How can I improve the introduction of my paper?
Is this thesis statement strong enough?
Can you help with my paper's conclusion?
What are the grammatical errors in this paragraph?
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Paper Polisher is a GPT designed to assist users in enhancing academic research papers. The tool is focused primarily on correcting and reformulating grammatical mistakes, refining structural aspects of a paper, and ensuring the overall clarity and cohesiveness of the text.

To use Paper Polisher, it requires the ChatGPT Plus platform, with the user communicating their needs directly to the tool using various prompt starters.

As a part of its features, it can offer advice on improving paper's introductions, evaluating the strength of thesis statements, aiding in drafting conclusions, and pointing out grammatical errors in specific paragraphs.

In essence, Paper Polisher acts as a co-editor for refining academic papers. The primary goal of this tool is to facilitate researchers in better presenting their findings and arguments to enhance the reader's understanding and engagement.

It is a valuable tool for academics, students and researchers across diverse academic disciplines seeking to produce high-quality written research outputs.


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Paper Polisher was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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