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Bynaoya yanagi
Transforming academic papers into children's stories.
GPT welcome message: こんにちは!今日はどの論文を探検しましょうか?
Sample prompts:
Tell me about Einstein's theory in a story.
Explain a biology paper as a fairy tale.
Turn this research on space into a children's adventure.
Narrate the findings of this climate study as a bedtime story.
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Papers Story is a GPT developed to transform academic papers into narratives designed for children. Its main objective is to make scientific knowledge more accessible and enjoyable to young audiences by reshaping complex scientific concepts into engaging and comprehensible stories.

Users interact with Papers Story by feeding it with a topic or a certain theory they'd like explained as a story. For instance, a prompt could be 'Explain a biology paper as a fairy tale' or 'Turn this research on space into a children's adventure'.

In response, the GPT crafts a kid-friendly narrative out of the complex academic topic. Furthermore, Papers Story aids in making scientific ideas blend seamlessly into bedtime narratives, such as translating the findings of a climate study into an entertaining tale.

This unique blend of artificial intelligence and storytelling is a creative approach towards scientific education for children, making it a beneficial tool for both educators and parents.

Note that the use of Papers Story requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.


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