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Provide a summary of this patent.
Compare these patents after summarizing them.
What does this patent mainly cover?
Analyze this patent starting with a summary.
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Patent Insight is a GPT designed to provide expert, in-depth analysis and summaries of patents. It is developed to be a helper tool for users looking to understand the fine details of a patent, without trawling through large amounts of complex patent jargon.

By delivering summaries, Patent Insight helps comprehend patents faster and more efficiently. In addition to summarizing patents, this GPT can also compare multiple patents.

It identifies the core elements of each one and provides a comparison, enabling quick and easy understanding of the differences and similarities between them.

For a more detailed understanding, it can dissect a patent, starting with a comprehensive summary, and then delve into a deep analysis of its significant aspects.

With its prompt starters, users can request a summary of a specific patent or request a comparison of several patents after summarizing them. Users can also probe deeper by asking about what a patent mainly covers or by requesting an intricate analysis of a patent after first getting a summary.

By maximizing the potential of the underlying ChatGPT technology, Patent Insight has become a specialised tool providing valuable assistance to anyone dealing with patent documentation.

Please note that access to Patent Insight requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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