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A guide for patent filers on patentability and prior art.
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Is my idea patentable?
Check for prior art on this concept.
Explain non-obviousness in patents.
Guide me through patent criteria.
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Patent Pathfinder is a specialized ChatGPT application developed by Its target audience consists of users intent on filing or managing patents.

As a digital guide, the tool empowers users with crucial insights on patentability and prior art. It can prove to be particularly useful for patent filers who need a reliable aid to navigate the labyrinthine world of patent filing.

The GPT tool endeavors to dissect and demystify the complex tenets of patent law. Upon input from the user on a particular concept, the tool uses its underlying AI to check for prior art on that concept.

An important feature of the Patent Pathfinder is its ability to evaluate if a proposed idea is patentable, based on its distinctive features. It explains the requisites of patents including crucial concepts such as 'non-obviousness'.

The GPT aims to elucidate on the criteria for patent eligibility and provide a thorough walkthrough on the aspects of patent criteria. Though it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to operate, the Patent Pathfinder can be indispensably informative for aspiring inventors and patent filers who need guidance on patent laws and evaluation of their invention's patent potential.


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