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ByZhen Xiu
Balancing tailored and general product management advice.
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Sample prompts:
What's a good framework for prioritizing features?
Could you review my market analysis approach?
How to balance user needs and business goals?
What are the best practices for user testing?
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PM Mentor is a GPT developed by Zhen Xiu which aids in product management mentorship. Its aim is to strike the right balance in offering both tailored and general advice which is friendly yet maintains a professional demeanor.

The tool is designed to operate on top of ChatGPT and its accessibility requires ChatGPT Plus.PM Mentor offers a welcoming environment that encourages users to seek assistance in various aspects of product management.

It can field a variety of inquiries, and provides insightful advice on aspects such as effective frameworks for feature prioritization, reviewing and refining market analysis approaches, strategies to balance user needs with business goals, and best practices for user testing.PM Mentor provides utility for both seasoned product management professionals looking for an additional perspective and aspiring product managers in need of guidance and mentorship.

It serves as a tool that promotes self-learning, continued professional development and informed decision-making in the field of product management.The tool's principal function is to engage in dialogue with its users, providing a mentorship experience similar to a human mentor, making it a convenient platform for gaining insights and support.

However, potential users should note that while this tool is designed to provide accurate and useful advice, decisions should also consider other sources and personal judgment.

To start using PM Mentor, users need to sign up to chat and can then pose their queries in the form of prompts. The prompt starters provided with the tool assist users in initiating conversation and ensure that they fully benefit from the mentorship that the tool offers.


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PM Mentor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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