Podcast repurposing 2023-10-18
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Transforms articles into engaging, narrated podcast scripts.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to craft your seamless podcast script?
Sample prompts:
Turn my article into a podcast script
Craft a script from this text
Create a podcast episode from this content
Generate a script for my podcast episode
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Podcast Script Generator is a GPT developed by seo.ai that specializes in converting conventional text articles into engaging and well-structured podcast scripts.

This functionality facilitates content creators and podcast hosts to effortlessly transform written content into an auditory format, hence boosting its accessibility and reach.

This tool requires an integration with ChatGPT Plus to function. A notable feature of this GPT is its ability to generate podcast scripts that sound natural and engaging to listeners, while adhering to the main points and substance of the original material.

To use this tool, users can leverage various prompt starters such as 'Turn my article into a podcast script', 'Craft a script from this text', 'Create a podcast episode from this content', and 'Generate a script for my podcast episode' among others.

Upon inputting said commands, the GPT shifts the original text content into a podcast-friendly format, enabling streamlined transition from written articles to vocalized broadcasts.


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