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Solving Power BI problems and providing related training.
GPT welcome message: 您好,欢迎使用Power BI 助手!有什么可以为您做的?
Sample prompts:
如何使用Power BI进行数据变换?
请教我如何在Power BI中创建仪表板?
我可以在Power BI中使用哪些数据源?
如何优化Power BI报表的性能?
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Power BI is a GPT that primarily focuses on assisting users in resolving problems encountered during the usage of Power BI, and also offering relevant teaching resources.

The GPT aims to enhance the overall user experience and provide comprehensive support with the Power BI platform, which is prominently used for interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities.

Its welcome message signifies a user-friendly start with a greeting and an offer assistance to any user queries. Some of the prompt starters hint at the GPT's capabilities, which include guiding on data transformation using Power BI, teaching the process of creating dashboards within Power BI, explaining the different data sources which can be utilized in the Power BI platform, and offering assistance on optimizing the performance of Power BI reports.

It can be inferred that alongside problem-solving support, this GPT also gives educative inputs on handling different functionalities of the Power BI platform, hence serving as a vital tool for both beginners and intermediate users.

In order to access and interact with Power BI , it requires a user to Sign up and have a ChatGPT Plus


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