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Guiding your product journey with expert insights.
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How to prioritize features?
Define a product roadmap.
Best PM methodologies?
Improving team collaboration.
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Product Coach is a GPT designed to forward your product development skills and knowledge. This GPT acts as a guidance platform offering expert insights on various aspects of product management.

Its main objective is to enhance your understanding of the product journey, from both strategic and tactical perspectives. The GPT operates on top of ChatGPT and its interaction with users is primarily established through a chat-based interface.

The GPT offers users the opportunity to interact and ask questions related to product management. Some examples of prompts that can be initiated by the users include: 'How to prioritize features?', 'Define a product roadmap.', 'Best PM methodologies?', and 'Improving team collaboration'.

These prompts depict the range of topics within product management and product development that Product Coach can offer insights on including feature prioritization, road mapping, product management methodologies, and team collaboration enhancement.

Through these, the GPT can guide you on making informed decisions about the product journey and the best practices. In order to use Product Coach, users need to sign up and it requires having a ChatGPT Plus account.

This GPT has potential use cases for product managers, project managers, business strategists, team leaders, and anyone interested in or involved with product design, development, and management.

Its user-friendly interface makes it a practical tool for receiving expert insights on product journey and enhancing your product skills.


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