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How do I set a product vision?
What strategy should we pursue?
Help me with the roadmap.
Advice on prioritizing tasks.
Identify a problem in this scenario.
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Product GPT is a GPT that facilitates a more effective and streamlined product development process. Functioning on top of ChatGPT, Product GPT is designed to aid in crafting better products by providing insightful advice and recommendations.

This tool can be a valuable asset for product developers, business strategists, and anyone involved in making strategic product decisions.The capabilities of Product GPT extend to various aspects of product development and strategy, from defining a product vision to helping outline a roadmap for implementation.

It provides prompt starters that are targeted at key areas of product development. These include setting up a product vision, defining a strategic direction, helping with the roadmap creation, guiding on task prioritization, and identifying potential issues in a particular scenario.In essence, Product GPT acts as an artificial intelligence-based advisor for product-related matters.

Upon initiating a conversation, it starts with a welcome message and then proceeds to offer assistance depending on the user's input. Requiring ChatGPT Plus, this AI-driven tool allows productive discussions about a range of product-related scenarios while aiming to guide and assist users in reaching effective decisions.This AI-powered GPT is meant to make product development thoughts more focused and strategies more data-informed, allowing for a better understanding and execution of product ideas.

It possesses the potential to transform product brainstorming sessions and strategic talks into a more streamlined and informed process. Furthermore, Product GPT can act as a base for structured discussion, enabling users to explore a situation from different perspectives while maintaining the strategic essence.Product GPT, hence, offers specialized guidance and interactive advice for optimized product strategy development and effective task prioritization.


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