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ByYuka Ishiyama
Guiding development teams towards achieving project goals.
Sample prompts:
Please create a user registration feature
Design a function for data API integration
Design an app to interface with the payment gateway
Link Shopify in TikTok live broadcasts
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Product Manager Assistant is a GPT developed by Yuka Ishiyama, a seasoned professional in product management who possesses two decades of experience across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

This GPT is designed to assist in the product management field, largely by aiding in the formulation of clear, detailed, and effective product requirement documents.

Such documents play a pivotal role in orientating development teams and helping them to better align their progress with project objectives. The GPT has been structured to provide prompt starters that assist users in creating a variety of key features integral to product development.

Examples include the design and implementation of a user registration feature, designing a function for data API integration, developing an app to interface with a payment gateway, and linking Shopify with TikTok during live broadcasts.

Given its association with ChatGPT, the Product Manager Assistant GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access and use. Its main objective is to use artificial intelligence to simplify and guide product management tasks, leading to more effective and efficient project outcomes.


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