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ByYan XIe
Mock Interview preparation for PM candidates
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Sample prompts:
How do I approach a product design question in a PM interview?
Can you guide me through designing a product for a specific user group?
What are the key steps in defining a product's problem statement and scope?
How should I identify and cater to different user groups in product design?
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Product Manager Mock Prep is a GPT developed on top of ChatGPT. It primarily aims to assist users in preparing for product management interviews. The tool provides an interactive platform where users can conduct mock interviews, providing a realistic rehearsal of the actual product manager interview scenario.

The GPT can be specifically helpful in areas such as approaching a product design question or defining a product's problem statement and scope. It can also guide users through the process of designing a product tailored to a particular user group and identifying and accommodating various user groups in product design.

These prompt starters reflect the primary functions of this GPT and showcase how it helps the users in gaining insight into what to expect and how to strategize their answers in product management interviews.

The key feature of this tool is its interactive format that facilitates understanding and learning through realistic simulation. Users need to sign up to use this tool and it requires ChatGPT Plus, indicating that it complements the functionalities of ChatGPT.

This tool is created by Yan XIe and it aims to effectively streamline the preparation process for PM candidates by providing them with the hands-on interview experience they need to excel.

The overall design of the tool is aligned towards aiding PM candidates in overcoming common challenges in the process of interview preparation.


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