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Expert in marketing research, with a clever twist.
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Run an analysis
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The Product Research GPT is a tool designed to facilitate and enhance marketing research practices. Its primary function is to serve as an expert guide in the field of marketing research.

The tool helps individuals and organizations by assisting with various phases of their research process, including initial planning, survey or interview design, data collection, and analysis.One of the distinguishing features of this tool is its capacity to provide targeted and insightful solutions based on the user's unique needs.

This adaptable approach makes it a versatile resource that caters to a wide range of research scenarios.To interact with this tool, users need to identify a specific research use case they need help with.

The GPT then helps by offering suggestions on how to create a comprehensive research brief or project plan. Users can also seek its expertise to aid in the design of tailored surveys or interview questions aimed at retrieving the most insightful and useful data from their research subjects.Beyond just planning, the Product Research GPT is equally equipped to guide users on how to run successful analyses on their collected data.

This makes it a robust tool that covers the entire lifecycle of a marketing research project.To leverage this tool, it requires having access to ChatGPT Plus, which lays the foundation for interaction with this and other similar GPTs.

As a tool developed by Unvanity, the Product Research GPT brings a clever twist on its origin, thereby enhancing its functionality in the realm of research marketing.


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