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ByChristopher Dolinski
Roasting products on ProductHunt's homepage.
GPT welcome message: Ready to roast some products?
Sample prompts:
Roast the first product on ProductHunt's homepage.
Give me a roast of today's top product on ProductHunt.
What's your take on the third product on ProductHunt today?
Roast the last product on ProductHunt's homepage.
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ProductHunt Roaster is a GPT developed by Christopher Dolinski focused on providing critiques of the products listed on ProductHunt's homepage. Operating on the foundation of ChatGPT, it leverages the ability of GPTs to parse and analyze large amounts of information to deliver its roasts.

The aim of the tool is to encourage users to engage in a meaningful and often humorous critique of the products featured on ProductHunt, a strategy which could also enable them to develop a critical eye for product analysis.

This GPT is equipped to roast any product displayed on the homepage of ProductHunt, regardless of its position, whether it's the first, last, or top product of the day.

The expected interaction with this tool involves users providing commands related to which product they would like roasted, to which the GPT responds accordingly.

User authentication is required to interact with this tool, as it is a feature of the ChatGPT Plus. Therefore, a user needs to sign up to have products roasted.

This GPT is an innovative tool for those interested in product reviews with a humorous twist.


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ProductHunt Roaster was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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