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Quiz master for product managers
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Productly is a GPT designed as a quiz master for product managers. Its core function is to help users assess and enhance their knowledge in product management.

Upon launching Productly, users are greeted with a message asking if they are ready to test their knowledge in product management, presenting an interactive and engaging experience from the start.

Productly then provides three levels of quiz difficulties to choose from: easy, intermediate, and hard. This feature offers an encouraging and customizable quiz experience to users, allowing them to select a difficulty level that matches their proficiency and confidence in product management.

In addition, Productly also prompts users to disclose which specific areas of product management they would like their quiz to focus on. This ensures that the quiz content is relevant to the user's needs and interests, thus enhancing their learning experience.

Please note that Productly requires the ChatGPT Plus to function fully. It offers a direct 'sign up' feature, making it accessible and easy to commence the learning journey for users.

Overall, Productly seamlessly combines the functionality of a quiz tool with the power of a sophisticated AI technology, offering an innovative learning platform for product managers.


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Productly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 28th 2023.
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