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Sample prompts:
Draft a stakeholder update.
Predict my project timeline.
Create test cases.
Story points estimate.
Generate acceptance criteria.
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Produtiva: Agile Product Owner is a GPT developed by, designed to assist with Product Management tasks. Its main function revolves around streamlining product ownership and aiding users in managing their various projects effectively.

It's built on top of ChatGPT, thus requires ChatGPT Plus for appropriate functionality. As a trusted product management tool, it steps in as a partner to the Product Owner and provides support in various Agile methodologies tasks.

These can include drafting updates for stakeholders, predicting project timelines, generating test case scenarios, estimating story points, and creating acceptance criteria.

The intended goal is to assist Product Owners in simplifying their workload and producing efficient outcomes.Produtiva: Agile Product Owner focuses on critical aspects of product management, integrating seamlessly with teams working in agile environments.

In doing so, it supports both strategic planning and tactical execution within sprints and across product life cycles. This GPT holds potential for a significant positive impact on the productivity of product owners or managers, as well as team leads, by providing intelligent and timely assistance across a broad spectrum of product management activities.


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