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BysendepenDAO GmbH
Elevating your professional image on LinkedIn.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Let's enhance your LinkedIn profile. You can donate to the builders of the app here:
Sample prompts:
How can I improve my LinkedIn summary?
What changes should I make to my experience section?
Is my skills section on LinkedIn effective?
Feedback on my LinkedIn recommendations, please.
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Profile Polisher is a GPT designed to improve and elevate your professional image on LinkedIn. Developed by sendepenDAO GmbH, it operates by providing expert consultation and recommendations for enhancing individual LinkedIn profiles.

It assists users by identifying areas for improvement within their LinkedIn summaries, experience sections, skills sections, and even provides feedback on recommendations received.

As a user, you interact with the GPT by posing questions or providing elements of your profile for critique. Sample prompts include questions such as 'How can I improve my LinkedIn summary?' or 'Is my skills section on LinkedIn effective?'.

As a response, the GPT, following its sophisticated algorithm, will offer suggestions designed to increase the impact and appeal of your professional profile.

The use of this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus. The tool is designed for anyone looking to boost their LinkedIn presence, from professionals seeking to enhance their personal brand to job-seekers looking to make their profiles more attractive to potential employers.

Also, users have the option to show appreciation to the builders of the app through the provided donation link. Profile Polisher is a tool for those who understand that making a strong first impression online in todays professional world is critical.


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