Food science guide 2023-10-30
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Especialista em Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos
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Sample prompts:
Quais são as tendências recentes em teses de Ciência de Alimentos?
Mostre um gráfico da quantidade de teses por ano.
Qual é a universidade com mais dissertações em Tecnologia de Alimentos?
Como está a distribuição regional dos cursos na área de Alimentos?
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PsCinciaETecnologiaDeAlimentosBR is a GPT developed to serve as a specialized guide in the field of Food Science and Technology. This AI-enabled assistance tool offers expertise in the said domain and aids in addressing related queries, providing insight into the latest trends in Food Science thesis, for instance.

Additionally, this tool can generate graphs depicting the annual thesis count in the respective field, enhancing comprehension through visual representation.

It can also offer information on universities with the highest number of dissertations in Food Technology. Furthermore, it has the capability to provide data on the geographical distribution of courses in the Food area.

This GPT can potentially serve as a valuable resource for individuals connected to or interested in the field of Food Science and Technology. It appears to be built with a focus on intuitive query handling, allowing users to interact in a user-friendly manner.

Notably, it operates atop ChatGPT and demands a ChatGPT Plus subscription. PsCinciaETecnologiaDeAlimentosBR represents an effective combination of AI technology and subject-specific knowledge, designed to provide enlightening, data-backed responses to related questions.


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