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Byjoao alberto o lima
Specialist in physical education and data analysis.
GPT welcome message: Bem-vindo(a)! Como posso ajudar com Educação Física e análise de dados?
Sample prompts:
Qual a tendência das pesquisas em Educação Física recentemente?
Gostaria de um gráfico mostrando a produção acadêmica por ano.
Quais são os principais temas em teses de doutorado em Educação Física?
Pode me mostrar dissertações sobre treinamento esportivo nos últimos 5 anos?
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PsEducaoFsicaBR is a GPT that is specialized in the field of Physical Education and data analysis. The primary purpose of this GPT is to provide sophisticated and comprehensive assistance regarding subject matters in Physical Education and related data analysis.

Its main competences range from rendering briefings on the current trends in Physical Education research, to assisting with the thematic analysis of doctoral theses in Physical Education.Apart from detailing the production of academic works annually, it can offer users a broad spectrum of dissertations on sports training over specified periods.

The tool is a unique blend of academic aid and AI technology tailored to provide valuable insights and facilitate academic research activities about Physical Education.

Developed by Joo Alberto O Lima, the GPT adopts a highly interactive design, welcoming users with a supportive message and offering an array of prompt starters to help guide users in asking queries or seeking information.This tool, therefore, serves as an excellent resource for both individuals and institutions involved in Physical Education studies or those that seek a thorough understanding of the landscape of Physical Education through data analysis.

Its functions are directly aligned with aiding academic research, promoting knowledge enhancement, and paving avenues for innovative ideas in the realm of Physical Education.

Its dependency on ChatGPT for its operation ensures that responses are efficient, illustrative, and tailored to meet the relevant academic or analytical needs.


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