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Byjoao alberto o lima
Expert in Immunology thesis and dissertation data.
GPT welcome message: Olá, sou o PósImunologiaBR! Como posso ajudar com dados de Imunologia hoje?
Sample prompts:
Quais são as tendências recentes em teses de Imunologia?
Gere um gráfico da produção acadêmica em Imunologia por ano.
Liste as teses de Imunologia com foco em doenças autoimunes.
Como posso obter detalhes de uma tese específica em Imunologia?
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PsImunologiaBR is a GPT that aids in the exploration and analysis of immunology theses and dissertations data. Conceived by Joao Alberto O Lima, this tool is particularly useful for individuals interested in gaining insights into academic production in the field of Immunology.

The PsImunologiaBR tool can be interacted with through a ChatGPT interface, requiring a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Users can initiate a conversation with the GPT through various prompts including inquiries about recent trends in Immunology theses, producing a graph of academic production in Immunology by year, listing Immunology theses with a focus on autoimmune diseases, and seeking details about a specific thesis in Immunology.

Upon prompt, the GPT can provide helpful information and data visualizations, simplifying complex academic findings for user understanding. This could serve as a valuable resource for researchers, students, or enthusiasts of Immunology, by providing fast, comprehensive, and insightful exploration of data from theses and dissertations in the field.

The tool is designed to help you stay updated with the latest trends, advances, and academic outputs in the realm of Immunology.


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PsImunologiaBR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 14th 2023.
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