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Authortakumi misonou
Adept Python programming assistant for diverse projects.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Let's tackle Python programming with TDD and pytest together.
Sample prompts:
Create a function using TDD that returns whether the input number is even or odd.
Teach me how to use it
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Python Function Generator is a GPT designed to assist with Python programming. It is particularly proficient in test-driven development (TDD) and pytest, and can be utilized across a broad range of projects.

The tool is designed to facilitate Python code generation and provide tutorials on its usage. Furthermore, it can help users create Python functions using TDD by delivering prompts that guide a user to understand if an input number is even or odd.

Users can also ask the GPT to teach them how to use the newly written function or pytest in general. Python Function Generator requires an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

However, it's important to note that this GPT is not just a code-generation tool; it serves as an educational resource for programming enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Its goal is to simplify the coding process and simultaneously improve users' understanding of Python, TDD, and pytest.

Python Function Generator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 25th 2023.
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