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Expert in day trading with enhanced data handling
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to assist with advanced day trading analysis and improved data handling.
Sample prompts:
Analyze Tesla (TSLA) stock volatility spikes over 3 years
Compare 5-year (FVX) vs. 10-year (TNX) bond yields
Test SPY overnight gap mean reversion
Evaluate Pepsi (PEP) - Coca Cola (KO) pair correlation
Analyze cyclicality in housing starts indicator over 5 years
Assess Google (GOOGL) return predictability using RandomForest
Study consumer discretionary seasonality on Amazon (AMZN) returns
Compare Business Inventories with Retail Sales
Analyze weekend effect in JPMorgan (JPM) Monday returns
Estimate risk exposure of Amazon (AMZN) to housing starts indicator
Backtest support/resistance breakouts on NVIDIA (NVDA)
Model impact of high RSI signal on Apple (AAPL) skew
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QuantGPT is a GPT developed by Vortex Capital Group that offers assistance in the realm of day trading with a focus on improved data handling and analysis.

As an expert in the field, this GPT assists in the complex tasks associated with day trading and provides rich, contextual insights based on the chosen parameters.

The functionality of QuantGPT extends across a variety of algorithms and standards employed in day trading. It can assess stock volatility over a specified duration such as with Tesla (TSLA), compare bond yields as in the case of 5-year (FVX) versus 10-year (TNX), and evaluate pair correlations.

It also accommodates overnight gap mean reversion testing, such as with Test SPY, and analyzing cyclicality in indicators like housing starts over an extended duration.

Moreover, it can help with the study of seasonality on returns, such as Amazon (AMZN) returns in consumer discretionary, and can also compare business inventories with retail sales.

With regards to more in-depth analyses, QuantGPT has been designed to assess return predictability using RandomForest, such as with Google (GOOGL), as well as to estimate risk exposure of major stocks to significant indicators.

Notably, the tool can backtest breakouts on stock options like NVIDIA (NVDA) and model impacts of significant signals on other stocks, such as high RSI signal on Apple (AAPL) skew.Overall, QuantGPT proves useful for day traders seeking advanced, data-driven insights to inform their trading decisions.

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