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ByVolodymyr Truba
Transforming your receipts into useful data.
Sample prompts:
Upload photo of your receipt
Create excel file based on my receipt
How much did I spent from previous purchases.
Split my shopping to categories.
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Receipt Analyzer is a GPT designed to assist users with comprehending their shopping expenses. Upon interaction, the tool requires the user to upload a photo of their receipt, after which it uses AI to analyze the contents.

The tool can answer questions about previous purchases, create an Excel file based on a receipt, and categorize the items from the receipt. This offers a simplified way of budgeting, as it could help users understand their spending patterns by providing a categorized breakdown of their expenses.

Moreover, Receipt Analyzer can aid in financial planning by tallying up total amounts spent in particular categories. Its benefit extends to the creation of expense reports, where it could speed up the process by automatically converting the receipts into a more manageable format like an Excel file.

In summary, Receipt Analyzer helps deconstruct receipts, offering valuable insights into expenditure and making budgeting and expense tracking smoother and more efficient.


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