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ByCharles A Bishop
Generates tables comparing resumes with job descriptions.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Upload anonymized resumes for a table comparison with the JD.
Sample prompts:
Summarize this resume.
Is this candidate a good fit?
Explain the qualifications.
Match this resume to the job.
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Recruiter's Assistant is a GPT designed to assist with the recruitment process by generating comparative tables between job descriptions and candidates' resumes.

This innovative GPT serves as an invaluable tool for HR professionals and recruiters by simplifying and accelerating the task of resume screening. The primary aim of this GPT is to identify the relevance of a candidate's qualifications to the job role in question.

Upon uploading anonymized resumes, the GPT matches the qualifications in the resumes with the job description, providing a tabulated comparison. This not only helps to identify the most suitable candidates, but also provides further insights such as gaps in qualifications or overqualified applicants.

It comes with prompt starters like 'Summarize this resume', 'Is this candidate a good fit?', 'Explain the qualifications', and 'Match this resume to the job', which introduce a conversational element to the screening process.

This tool is a useful addition to the ChatGPT Plus platform and can help streamline the hiring process by providing insights based on evidence rather than guesswork.


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