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BySeyed Mohammad Hossein Seyedi Rezvani
Tailored assistance in research writing.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's start with a chat about your research, then dive into the academic details.
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Lets begin crafting my research proposal. (Start from the scratch)
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Research Proposal Maker is a GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) that is designed to specifically assist in crafting research proposals. The tool offers personalized support to users by engaging in dialogue about their research, then diving into the academic details.

It operates by providing tailored assistance based on the user's input. Users begin crafting their research proposals starting from scratch, articulating their research ideas, key questions, methodology, literature review, and so forth.

The purpose of this GPT is to help authors structure their research proposals coherently and comprehensively, ensuring each element of the proposal aligns with professional and academic standards.

It aims to make the complex and often daunting process of writing a research proposal simpler, structured and more approachable, especially for those who are new to research.

Please note that using the Research Proposal Maker GPT requires access to ChatGPT Plus.


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