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ByAshenafi Getachew
Shaping medical residency interviews with impactful questions.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to your residency interview practice session! Ready for a question?
Sample prompts:
Ask me a residency interview question.
I'd like to practice an interview question.
Can you evaluate my answer to a medical question?
Give me a question typically asked in medical interviews.
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Residency Interview Coach is a GPT designed to assist individuals preparing for medical residency interviews. It functions as a simulation tool, providing users with a wide range of pertinent questions typically encountered during actual residency interviews.

Furthermore, this GPT allows users to practice and refine their responses, promoting preparedness while significantly reducing the anxiety associated with such interviews.This interview coach GPT not only presents interview questions but also evaluates user responses, delivering feedback and suggestions for improvements.

This critical feature enables users to gain insights into their performance and make guided improvements, effectively making their interview responses more insightful and impactful.Besides being a practical tool for self-assessment, the Residency Interview Coach GPT is also an invaluable asset for users to familiarize themselves explicitly with the medical field's interviewing culture and conventional queries.

From general questions to those specifically related to the medical profession, this GPT provides a holistic interview environment simulation. The welcome message of the GPT initiates an interactive session: 'Welcome to your residency interview practice session! Ready for a question?'.The GPT also employs 'prompt starters' to facilitate user interaction.

For instance, users can request a new interview question ('Ask me a residency interview question'), ask the GPT to assess their response to a given question ('Can you evaluate my answer to a medical question?'), or request an illustration of a question usually asked during medical interviews ('Give me a question typically asked in medical interviews').As such, the Residency Interview Coach GPT is a comprehensive tool explicitly designed to cater to medical professionals' needs in their journey towards securing a medical residency interview.


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Residency Interview Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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