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Offering specific, professional resume advice.
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How do I upload my resume?
What are common resume mistakes?
Can you suggest improvements for my CV?
How can I make my resume stand out?
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Resume Rocket is a GPT designed to provide professional resume advice. This AI-powered tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to offer users help with various aspects of resume building, including suggestions for improvements and tips to help resumes stand out.

The features of Resume Rocket can be accessed once users upload their resumes, after which the tool provides an analysis and recommendations. Potential users of the tool can ask it prompt questions such as 'How do I upload my resume?', 'What are common resume mistakes?', 'Can you suggest improvements for my CV?', and 'How can I make my resume stand out?'.

Resume Rocket is particularly designed for those in need of substantive and specific guidance to enhance the effectiveness of their resumes. It is a useful tool for both job seekers looking to polish their resumes and career coaches and experts who aim to provide better advice to their clients.


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