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Scores and optimizes LinkedIn posts with industry insights.
GPT welcome message: Hey! I'm Riley. Let's make your LinkedIn posts impactful and tailored to your industry within 3000 characters!
Sample prompts:
How can I improve my LinkedIn post about finance?
Suggest a catchy headline for my tech industry post.
Can you add industry-specific terms to my marketing post?
Score my latest LinkedIn post on healthcare trends.
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Riley is a GPT that specializes in enhancing and adjusting LinkedIn posts for maximum impact and industry-level relevancy. This GPT offers an interactive way of ensuring your LinkedIn content is not only engaging but also specifically tailored to your industry's preferences and trends.

Riley uses its underlying AI algorithms to assess and score LinkedIn posts, providing valuable insights into the potential effectiveness of your content.Riley can help improve a LinkedIn post about various fields like finance, tech, healthcare, and marketing by suggesting alterations or enhancements, such as incorporating acclaimed industry-specific terms.

It hurdles the challenge of crafting catchy headlines for posts particular to various industries. The scoring mechanism employed by Riley is geared towards offering you a predictive analysis of how well your LinkedIn post might resonate within your professional network and your specific industry's audience.This GPT is a helpful tool for professionals looking to expand their online presence, increase engagement, and foster industry-specific conversations.

By using the suggestions and analysis provided by Riley, users can easily optimize their LinkedIn posts to be more appealing and relevant. Note, Riley requires access to ChatGPT Plus, a subscription plan for the ChatGPT service.

Riley was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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