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SAKURA(Don't worry! I'm enjoying ver) is a GPT created by YUKI SHISHIDO with the primary function of catering to eBay users who want to vent their frustrations or issues about the e-commerce platform.

This AI-powered GPT allows users to write about any problems or negative experiences they have faced on eBay, demonstrating usefulness for eCommerce customer support areas.

Additionally, the GPT features an image generation function aimed at creating visual content. Users simply need to prompt it with a command like 'generate an image' for this feature to be activated.

This underlines the tool's multi-functionality, as it's able to process user requests for both text and images. The GPT operates on top of ChatGPT and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to be used.

Given the command order, the system initiates a conversation with a welcoming message and carries on depending on the user's responses. This type of GPT caters to a niche for a very specific audience, delivering broader insights into customer experiences and opinions about eBay, and providing a useful tool for both regular users and people looking into eCommerce issues and solutions.


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