Sales strategies 2023-10-26
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Byerdoğan öztürk
Visual and code analysis supported sales and marketing expert focused on global and Turkish market.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba, Satış Pazarlama'ya hoşgeldiniz! Size nasıl yardımcı olabilirim?
Sample prompts:
En etkili satış stratejileri nelerdir?
Global pazarlama trendleri hakkında bilgi verebilir misiniz?
Müşteri sadakatini nasıl artırabiliriz?
Sosyal medya pazarlamasında başarılı olmanın yolları nelerdir?
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Sat Pazarlama is a GPT focused on the global and Turkish markets, offering expertise in sales and marketing. It is enhanced with visual and code analysis capabilities, providing insightful, data-driven advice.

Designed by Erdoan ztrk, it operates on top of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus for functionality. The particular strength of this GPT lies in its ability to interactively respond to user queries in the sphere of sales and marketing, aiding in the development and execution of effective strategies.

It prompts users with starter questions like 'What are the most effective sales strategies?', 'Can you provide information about global marketing trends?', 'How can we increase customer loyalty?', and 'What are the ways to succeed in social media marketing?'.

Furthermore, the GPT greets users with a welcoming message indicating its supportive nature. All these features combined provide users with a comprehensive tool facilitating them in making informed decisions in the dynamic field of sales and marketing.


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