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Seabiscuit: IP Guardian is a GPT specializing in intellectual property (IP) creation, management, and protection. Utilizing expert knowledge in U.S. copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret laws, it aims to ensure your intellectual property is both well-protected and leveraged effectively.

The GPT offers expert guidance, making it apt for people looking to secure their innovations legally. It can be particularly helpful when creating an IP portfolio, considering a patent for an idea, aiming to copyright content, or seeking assistance in creating a trademark.

As a tool built on top of ChatGPT, Seabiscuit: IP Guardian requires ChatGPT Plus to function. It simplifies the process of understanding and navigating the complex landscape of IP laws in the United States, aimed at providing its users with secure ways to manage their intellectual assets.

The objective of the GPT is not only to guide users on how to protect their IP rights but also how best to use these rights to their advantage, thereby ensuring effective leverage of their respective innovations.


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