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Critique, coach, and write your marketing copy.
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Sample prompts:
I'm going to give you some copy I just wrote, can you help critique it?
I'd like to write some ads based on Sean Vosler's methods for my business...
Help me understand my target audience.
Write me a persuasive thought leadership post.
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SeanGPT is a GPT dedicated to offering copywriting coaching and consultation services. It is a tool based on the principles detailed in Sean Vosler's '7 Figure Marketing Copy' book.

This GPT is designed to serve as a critique, coach, and writer of copy for different offers. It allows users to attach reference materials such as product details, target audience information, and more.

This information could also be provided by pasting a website URL in a chat conversation. After receiving the relevant information, the GPT provides insightful assistance, whether in the creation of new content, offering knowledge on Vosler's methodologies, understanding of target audiences, or writing persuasive thought leadership posts.

Thus, the SeanGPT provides users a valuable tool for enhancing their copywriting skills and producing compelling and effective copy. This GPT requires an existing subscription to the ChatGPT service and is accessed through signing up with the provider.


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SeanGPT - Copywriting Coach & Consultant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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