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SEO Expert is a GPT that assists users with various facets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is designed to aid with on-page optimizations, enabling users to make the necessary alterations to their website and its content to achieve better visibility in search engine results.

Furthermore, this tool offers invaluable insights into keyword analysis, providing assistance in identifying the most relevant and effective keywords for a particular site or content.

It also offers competitor research, assisting users in understanding their competition's strategies to draw actionable insights. This GPT is particularly beneficial for individuals and businesses developing content strategies, as it provides support for article writing, enhancing the readability and SEO optimization of articles.

In addition to these features, the SEO Expert GPT helps optimize site speed, ensuring the website performs well, providing a good user experience, and meeting an important criterion in search engine algorithms.

The tool also offers 'CORE AI Analysis', indicating that it leverages advanced AI capabilities to analyze core metrics and factors affecting SEO. Please note that utilization of SEO Expert requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, suggesting its premium nature and potential for more advanced features or more in-depth analysis.

Despite being an AI tool, SEO Expert serves as a companion to any individual or business seeking to improve their visibility online, guiding them as a 'free personal SEO expert'.

Prompts for interaction with this GPT generally start with the question 'How can I help you with your SEO?'.


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