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ByTom Dutreteau
Expert in AI undetectable SEO content.
GPT welcome message: Bienvenue chez SEO Scribe Français Direct, maître de la discrétion SEO!
Sample prompts:
Rédige un article de blog
Redige une fiche produit
Conseils pour l'optimisation SEO avec le mot-clé
Rend ce texte humain
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SEO Scribe Franais Direct is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) tool focused on creating content that is SEO-optimized, yet undetectable by AI.

This tool is developed by Tom Dutreteau and its main premise is to provide support in the creation and optimization of content in French language, specifically for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

Key features of SEO Scribe Franais Direct GPT include the ability to write blog articles, product descriptions, and providing suggestions for SEO optimization using specific keywords.

Additionally, this tool offers the unique option to 'make text human', implying it can help refine and revise copy to make it more humanized and less formal, all while maintaining SEO principles.

The GPT's welcome message strongly emphasizes its proficiency in SEO discretion, reinforcing its primary functionality of generating SEO focused content that is undetectable by AI.

This may be particularly valuable for users seeking to create organic and naturally flowing content that does not trigger SEO penalties for over-optimization or keyword stuffing.

In order to use SEO Scribe Franais Direct, users need to have ChatGPT Plus, highlighting its dependence and integration with the latter for optimal functionality.

In conclusion, SEO Scribe Franais Direct is a GPT tool created for users seeking assistance in generating SEO-optimized French content that maintains a natural, human-like flow and tone.


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