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Neutral, focused SEO topical map creator.
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Tell me your niche and language, and I'll create a table of 30 relevant topics.
Please provide a topic, and I'll give you 30 variations addressing different search intents.
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The SEO Topical Map Maker is a GPT developed by This tool is designed to aid in creating neutral and focused SEO topical maps. An SEO topical map, in essence, is a detailed plan or structure that outlines the kind of content a website will have, revolving around specific themes or topics relevant to the business or niche in question.

This helps in improving the website's SEO, making it more discoverable and understandable for search engines, and hence helping it rank better.The key function of the SEO Topical Map Maker is to analyze a given niche and language and create an output of 30 relevant topics for SEO optimization.

This is beneficial for marketers, SEO practitioners, and website owners to orient their content strategies around these topics. The topical map aims to address different user search intents, increasing the visibility of the website towards the target audience.

By employing appropriate topic variations, it caters to the diverse needs of potential visitors.Further, users can also provide a topic to the SEO Topical Map Maker, upon which it will return 30 variations of this topic.

These variations are designed to cover different search intents, thereby ensuring comprehensive coverage across potential search queries related to the given topic.Just to note, to utilize the SEO Topical Map Maker, a user needs to have the ChatGPT Plus subscription, since it is built on top of the ChatGPT platform.

Once signed up, users will receive a welcome message before they can start creating their SEO topical maps. The main intention of this tool is to assist in making websites more user-friendly and search engine optimized with the help of relevant and strategic content planning.


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