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Bybenjamin ogden
Writes search engine optimized content using AI.
Sample prompts:
Write an article about online sports betting
Write a long form blog about Bitcoin's rise in 2023
Write in detail effective search engine optimization tips
Write an article about the best Maui hotels and resorts
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SEO Writer is a GPT designed to generate search engine optimized (SEO) content, using advanced generative AI (Gen AI) techniques. By incorporating a range of keywords, this tool can increase the visibility and searchability of articles, leading to higher search engine rankings.

SEO Writer can gather information from various online resources, ensuring content is robust and comprehensive. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can also be integrated into the content, providing additional depth and relevance to the subject matter.

A unique feature of this GPT is its ability to create an SEO optimized image to complement and enhance the written content. The versatile nature of this tool is reflected in its prompts; it's capable of tailoring its language to various contexts, from generating articles about online sports betting to long-form blogs about the rise of Bitcoin, giving detailed tips on SEO or writing about the best hotels and resorts in Maui.

It's important to note that using SEO Writer requires ChatGPT Plus, providing yet another layer of efficiency and optimization. This tool, therefore, presents a significant resource for anyone seeking to improve their online content's SEO, enhancing readability and discoverability.


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