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ByKosch Klink Performance GmbH
Your SEO assistant for your daily SEO challenges!
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Sample prompts:
Erstelle mir für folgende Seiten einen Title-Tag und eine Meta-Description.
Wie würde Google diesen Text bewerten?
Kannst du mir bei meiner SEO-Strategie helfen?
Analysiere diesen GSC-Export und gib mir Vorschläge.
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SEOGPT by KKP is a GPT that assists with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) challenges. Developed by Kosch Klink Performance GmbH, this tool aims to provide aid in improving the visibility of web pages on search engines.

It delivers an interactive platform where users can request help for various SEO-related tasks. Whether you are crafting unique title-tags and meta descriptions for your website pages, projecting how Google might evaluate a certain text, planning your SEO strategy, or analyzing Google Search Console (GSC) exports for optimization suggestions, this tool strives to deliver insightful feedback and practical advice.

It operates on top of ChatGPT and requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Upon signing up, users are greeted with a welcome message and given several prompt starters to guide the usage of the tool.

SEOGPT by KKP effectively functions as a virtual SEO assistant to help you navigate the often complex landscape of SEO and improve your website's search engine ranking.

Please note that the efficacy of SEO tactics suggested by this GPT depends on the specifics of individual websites and the continually evolving algorithms of search engines.


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