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Expert in Google Sheets, assisting with formulas, scripts, and more.
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How do I create a pivot table in Google Sheets?
What's the best way to format a table in Google Sheets?
Can you help me write a script for Google Sheets?
How do I use VLOOKUP in Google Sheets?
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Sheets Savvy - FinShift is a GPT designed to provide assistance with Google Sheets operations. Operated by FinShift, this tool extends advice and support on a wide range of Google Sheets usage specifics.

This involves interpreting and generating Google Sheets formulas, creating scripts, and more. The tool is intended to help users make the most of Google Sheets, whether they are dealing with basic functionalities for simple tasks, or advanced features for complex projects.

One of the key functionalities of this GPT is its ability to handle diverse queries related to Google Sheets, ranging from creating pivot tables, table formatting, script writing, to the use of specific functions such as VLOOKUP.

Therefore, it is an informative GPT that can help in achieving efficiency in both personal and professional tasks involving Google Sheets. Please note, using this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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