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ByKirin Okada
Guiding product feature development and spec writing.
GPT welcome message: Hi, let's refine your product feature and write detailed specs together!
Sample prompts:
Help me define this product feature.
I have a feature idea, can we detail it?
Let's write user stories for our feature.
Need assistance with success metrics for my product.
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Spec Smith is a GPT designed to guide users through the various stages of product feature development and specification (spec) writing. It serves as a productivity utility that is designed to enable product managers, developers, and other interested users to define, detail, and refine their product features.

The capabilities of Spec Smith encompass various aspects of the product development process, including ideation, feature detailing, user story creation, and assistance with success metrics for products.

A user can start with a broad concept or an idea of a product feature, and Spec Smith helps to flesh out this idea into a well-detailed and refined specification.

For example, the user can start a conversation with the utility saying 'Help me define this product feature', or 'I have a feature idea, can we detail it?', and the GPT will guide the conversation towards helping the user detail that feature.

Specification writing, an important element in product management and development, is another area where Spec Smith's prowess comes into play. The GPT can help in writing user stories for a feature, which are basically simple explanations of a feature, written from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability.

Lastly, Spec Smith can assist users with creating success metrics for their products. These metrics are a measurement of the success of a product, and crafting the right metrics is vital to the product's success.

It is important to mention that Spec Smith is built on top of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus, emphasizing its nature of being an application leveraging the underlying AI technology for specific use-cases.

Spec Smith does not operate as a stand-alone tool.


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