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Improve spoken English with TOEFL drills and lively dialogues.
GPT welcome message: Hello, ready to practice your spoken English?
Sample prompts:
Test mode: Describe your favorite book.
Free-form mode: What hobbies do you enjoy?
Test mode: Explain the benefits of learning a new language.
Free-form mode: Have you traveled recently?
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Spoken English Tutor is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) focused on enhancing English language proficiency. Designed to facilitate the refinement of spoken English skills, it presents a valuable tool to individuals seeking to excel at the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

This GPT employs exercises featuring lively dialogues and robust TOEFL drills to aid language improvement. For optimal results, the tool recommends engagement through voice conversations on personal mobile devices.

This offers the flexibility to practice anytime, anywhere. Spoken English Tutor offers two distinct modes: Test Practice and Free-Form Conversation. The Test Practice Mode provides structured learning with focused TOEFL-style queries, enabling users to prepare effectively for test scenarios.

Sample prompts include 'Describe your favorite book.' and 'Explain the benefits of learning a new language.'The Free-Form Conversation Mode facilitates a more informal learning experience.

It encourages users to articulate thoughts on a wide array of topics encouraging fluency and vocabulary enhancement. Example prompts may include 'What hobbies do you enjoy?' and 'Have you traveled recently?'Users are required to have ChatGPT Plus in order to utilize Spoken English Tutor.

Helping non-native speakers excel in English proficiency, it provides a robust and comprehensive platform for guided, personalized, and practical spoken English practice.


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