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Sample prompts:
How do I use pivot tables?
Explain VLOOKUP function?
What are spreadsheet macros?
Tips for data cleaning?
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Spreadsheet Sidekick is a GPT designed to assist users in navigating and understanding the complex world of spreadsheets and data analysis. It is a resourceful tool that provides guidance and answers to wide-ranging questions related to using, managing, and interpreting spreadsheets.

The GPT operates as a type of virtual assistant, interacting and communicating with users just like a human would do. Its like having a sidekick, an always available expert who can help with spreadsheet related tasks and questions.

Spreadsheet Sidekick offers information on a number of spreadsheet functionalities, such as how to use pivot tables or the concept and usage of the VLOOKUP function.

It also provides tips for data cleaning and helps users to understand and utilize spreadsheet macros. The GPT is a service that requires signing up for ChatGPT Plus, suggesting it potentially provides a more interactive and enhanced experience compared to basic versions.

Notably, Spreadsheet Sidekick can be a remarkable tool for those who deal with data analysis regularly, take advantage of complex spreadsheet operations, or simply want to learn more about spreadsheets and their potential uses.

Its integration with a website link implies that users can get more extensive information beyond the chat platform. Overall, Spreadsheet Sidekick stands as a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that aims to make spreadsheet navigation and data analysis more accessible and understandable to all users.


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