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Providing SQL interview prep and mock interviews.
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Can you give me an SQL coding challenge?
Simulate an SQL interview.
How can I improve this SQL script?
What's a common SQL interview question?
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The SQL Interview Assistant is a GPT designed to provide assistance with SQL interview preparation. Its primary function includes conducting mock interviews to help users rehearse common SQL interview scenarios.

Moreover, it serves as an interactive learning platform where users can receive SQL coding challenges to further develop their SQL skills and prepare for technical interviews.

It invites queries from the users, such as 'How can I improve this SQL script?' or 'What's a common SQL interview question?', which provides an informative response.

Utilizing this tool enables users to cater their practice to more practical, interview-oriented scenarios, furthering their understanding and application of SQL.

This GPT also offers users an opportunity to learn how to optimize SQL scripts and gives an understanding of common interview questions asked by professionals in the field.

The tool requires access to ChatGPT Plus for usage, indicating a need for a relevant subscription from the user.


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