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Offering insights and resources for your startup ideas.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to discuss your startup ideas?
Sample prompts:
사용법을 알려주세요.
창업하고 싶은 주제를 알려주세요.
사업대상그룹 또는 타겟대상은 누구인가요?
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Startup Advisor is a GPT designed to provide consultation for startup ideas. Its core function lies in providing insights and resources that can bolster the implementation and growth of startup concepts.

This tool utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT to facilitate and enhance its interactions with users.The tool captures the essence of a digital advisor, offering assistance in the conceptual stages of a startup.

It dialogues with users about their startup ideas, offering them the opportunity to glean some insights and amass valuable resources for their projects.On initial interaction with Startup Advisor, users are greeted with a welcome message, 'Hello! Ready to discuss your startup ideas?'.

This sets the stage for users to delve into various discussions revolving around their intended startups.The GPT tool makes use of prompt starters to guide its interaction with users.

This serves to structure its responses, ensuring that it provides meaningful and relevant insights for the user. Some of these prompts inquire about the nature of the startup that the user intends to create and the target audience for the proposed startup.In general, Startup Advisor fills a role equivalent to a startup consultant, but in a digitally accessible format and with the convenience of the chat-based interface of ChatGPT.

It is a resourceful tool for those looking to embark on a startup journey, providing a platform for users to flesh out their ideas and gather critical insights and resources.

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