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Turning your dreams into die-cut stickers.
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Sample prompts:
Can you make cool stickers for my laptop?
I want a cute, manga-style sticker of a cat.
Create a holographic sticker of a speedboat.
Can you come up with sticker ideas for my bake shop?
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Sticker Whiz is a GPT that facilitates the creation of customized, die-cut stickers based on user's requests. Leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities, it transforms ideas into tangible sticker designs which are then delivered directly to your doorstep.

It receives different kinds of instructions from users, ranging from specific sticker design orders to brainstorming ideas for a wide variety of uses.

Whether you are thinking of refreshing your laptop's look with cool stickers, desiring a customized manga-style sticker of a cat, envisioning a futuristic holographic sticker of a speedboat, or strategizing branding for your bake shop through catchy stickers, Sticker Whiz has got you covered.

It operates synergistically with ChatGPT, and thus requires ChatGPT Plus for a seamless interaction and creating experience. With Sticker Whiz, your wildest and most creative sticker dreams can become a reality.


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Sticker Whiz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 21st 2023.
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