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ByYannick Fernandes
Magical wizard assistant for creative sticker and logo designs.
GPT welcome message: Greetings! I'm STICKITO, your wizard for magical sticker designs with hotkeys!
Sample prompts:
How about we explore some sticker ideas?
Any specific theme for your sticker design?
What kind of logo are you thinking about?
Need help with any trending sticker concepts?
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STICKITO is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) tailored towards assisting with the production of creative sticker and logo designs. This tool essentially functions like a wizard, offering guidance and suggestions throughout the design process.

It provides users with the opportunity to discuss and create a variety of designs, thereby enabling the exploration of various themes, concepts, and the latest trends in sticker creation.

Not limited to sticker design, STICKITO can also provide insightful inputs for logo designs. Its prompt starters, such as 'How about we explore some sticker ideas?' and 'What kind of logo are you thinking about?', exemplify its ability to initiate a constructive conversation about design specifics.

The aim of the tool is to aid and streamline the creative process with personalized feedback and suggestions, driving towards the objective of producing captivating and unique designs.

Please note that to use STICKITO, a ChatGPT Plus access is required.


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