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ByAnthony Bertani
Upload a stock chart, let us work magic.
Sample prompts:
Analyze this chart and give a prediction about future price
How do you differentiate between a true trend reversal and a mere retracement?
How do you use historical data to validate the strength of a pattern you've recognized?
What makes you decide to issue a buy or sell signal based on a chart pattern?
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Stock Chart Pattern Prophet is a GPT designed to provide expert evaluation of stock chart patterns. The tool allows users to upload a stock chart image which it then analyzes using a specialized system that combines pattern recognition and historical market analysis.

The system relies on a substantial database and strong expertise in pattern identification and market history to provide the users with a comprehensive overview of a given stock.

This analysis can assist users in making informed decisions about their investments. Furthermore, the tool caters to user queries regarding differentiating between trend reversals and retracements, leveraging historical data to verify pattern strength, and issuing buy or sell signals based on the chart patterns.

Please note that this GPT is designed to work as an extension to the ChatGPT platform, and it requires a ChatGPT Plus membership for optimal performance.


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