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Transforming your ideas into well-cited essays.
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Sugma Essay Writer with Citations is a GPT developed by Sugma. It leverages the capabilities of GPT-4 Turbo to aid users in writing essays. The tool's function is initiated when users click on the 'BEGIN WRITING ESSAY' prompt; thus, suggesting a user-friendly interface that mainly supports textual interactions.

The most notable feature of this GPT is its essay creation capability, highlighted by its ability to include citations, thus making it a valuable tool for academic, professional, or personal writing.

Beyond generating content, this tool's output appears to synergize essay development with citation integration. As the name suggests, it extends support in sourcing and citing relevant literature, enhancing the credibility of the generated essays.

As per the GPT metadata, the initial interaction starts with a welcoming message, promoting a user-friendly environment. The platform requires ChatGPT Plus for functioning, implying the need for a subscription to this service.

It should be noted that beyond its name, the nature, format, or style of the citations generated by this tool is undisclosed, but users should expect a standard citation style that fits a range of academic and professional needs.

This GPT's value seems rooted in its support for almost any individual or group seeking to write comprehensive essays that require citations.


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